Future Marketing Expert (Eng)

Future Marketing Expert (Eng)

PT. Multi Karya Sejati Nusantara (MKSN Group )

Supported by JamikoBIU

The “FUTURE MARKETING EXPERT” is a CSR program from Multi Karya Sejati Nusantara (MKSN Group) which includes a series of competitions, trainings, mentoring, simulations and working practices, designed in 3 event stages in the period of 5 months. To ensure the quality of the program, FUTURE MARKETING EXPERT includes collaborations from top-notch training institutions from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Netherlands.

Especially not to be overlooked, FUTURE MARKETING EXPERT highly supports Indonesia’s “Kampus Merdeka” national education program, since FUTURE MARKETING EXPERT is a collaboration between universities and industrial fields. This collaboration provides a solid foundation for freshgraduates to start high-profile careers swiftly yet neatly. To facilitate this goal, FUTURE MARKETING EXPERT has invited both national and international highly-experienced experts to become the trainers, coaches and judges of the program.

Experts from the MKSN Group are:

Experts from national and international institutions are:

These experts will be the one who train, guide, as well as become mentors for the participants in the working practice processes.

By joining FUTURE MARKETING EXPERT, the participant will experience a high-surge in both skill and personal development. Thus, the participant will become prepared to build their career as well as compete in our current volatile industy environment.

Below are examples of the skills, both hardskill and softskill, that can be attained on this program:

Stage 1: Training

  1. Elaborate insight of the marketing field
  2. Pragmatic planning and implementation skills
  3. Feasible goal and target setting in regards to effectivity and efficiency
  4. Extensive company branding building and managing skills

Stage 2: Mentoring

  1. Mastering the process of market research
  2. Refined self-assessment methods
  3. Complex problem solving and decision making practices
  4. Detailed goal and project management perspective
  5. Effective communications in sales setting
  6. Pragmatic presentation skills

Stage 3: Working Practice

  1. Practical use of digital marketing to support company’s objectives
  2. Thorough strategy building and implementation
  3. Solid perspective in building market-suitable businesses
  4. Methodical information management skills and practices

FUTURE MARKETING EXPERT’s registration is open until 06 April 2021. The program will officially begin on 08 April 2021 until September 2021.

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Access our guideline for more information:

To register, kindly download and fill the program’s letter of agreement and post the twitbon below on your social media, then include them in the registration link:
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